Daily Trips


Daily trips from Sailman is an uncommon but extraordinary innovation in yacht chartering. You are basically given the opportunity to enjoy a whole weeks experience into one day.Relaxing,sunbathing, meeting new people, enjoying special moment with friends and family but at the same time learning how to sail under the guidance of our experienced skippers are only a few of the things Sailman offers you.
In addition to that, worrying about  cooking  wont be a problem because  we  offer  unlimited food and drinks. This way you get  to enjoy local delicacies and enjoy your day without putting any effort into it. You just have fun and leave everything else to us.

Our trip begins from the port of Nikiti. Our first destination is Keyfos island where we will serve you coffee and breakfast and at the same time you can explore the waters of the island and enjoy our water sports and games.At noon we will continue to our second destination which is the natural ports right next to Porto Karas. Throughout our trip you are given the opportunity to learn the art of sailing and enjoy care-free moments on board where you can enjoy a sunny day and the relaxing sound of the waves to the fullest.
As soon as we reach Porto Karas, it is time for us to prepare your lunch while you delight in sunbathing ,swimming and exploring underwater. The moment we finish our meal and get our energy back we head to our third and last destination, Akti Kalogrias. Fruit or ice-cream and coffee or tea will be offered to you there. When we are finished with our games, dives and well taned it is the time for us to head back to Nikiti where we will reach the port at 18:30.

Since you have fun and want to remember this experience for ever we are more than happy to provide to you footage from the trip (photographs, videos ).

Included coffee,snacks,lunch,wine,beer,refreshment.
Equipment for underwater exploration
Sailing lessons for beginners

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