Growing up in a place where you are constantly surrounded by beautiful islands and seas combined with your love for sailing, are more than enough to inspire you with an idea, lead you to create something beautiful and share it. That’s exactly what happened with us at Sailman. In 2005 we founded our company in order to make your vacations special and at the same time show you how amazingly addictive sailing in greek seas can be.

And the journey begins …
Usually we start from the port of Nikiti, which is located in Halkidiki (Sithonia). This place is ideal due to its location it is only 90klm from Thessaloniki and at the same time extremely close to many beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. In addition to that, Sporades islands are easily accessible from our starting point. There you can enjoy either more isolated beaches or glamorous night life. The weather conditions at Sporades islands are extremely calm something that makes the place ideal for new sailors.

How would you feel like if someone offered you a beautiful room literally… on the sea?
If you could visit 3 to 4 islands while not have to care about the distance or anything else that keeps you from enjoying your vacation?
How can someone possibly do that?
Of course by planning their vacation with a sailing boat! And what better place to do that than Greece with SAILMAN!

Your can rent a Yacht in all our bases in Greece ( Skiathos, Leukada, Corfu, Athens, Kos ).


Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. The existence of the towns motorways (A1,A2,A25) and most importantly its port are of great importance because it is a major transportation hub for Greece and southeastern Europe from ancient times until today something that makes Thessaloniki a major cultural, economic, commercial and political centre.

Thessaloniki has a Mediterranean climate however due to the fact that the city lies in a transitional climatic zone, it displays characteristics of several climates. Sunny days with wonderful weather are extremely common throughout the year though.
Thessaloniki’s history spans approximately 2,300 years, so it is home many notable Roman,Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments. The most well known monument and a symbol of Thessaloniki is the White Tower.

Macedonia International Airport (SKG) in Thessaloniki not only for international destination such as London,Munich and Barcelona but also domestic destinations to greek islands like Crete for example.

It is 15klm from the centre of the city and 85km from our starting point-the port of Nikiti.


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However you can always come by car choosing the road Thessaloniki-Nea Moudania and then Nea Moudania-Sithonia, it is 95klm away and the estimated time of your journey will be approximately 1 hour.

Also, international and regional bus links are provided by KTEL(public transport bus service). There you can choose Nikiti as a destination and arrive within two hours.


Detailed forecast and information about sailing we suggest the following pages.